Major Blow on Education Sector

The United Kingdom has been in “lockdown” for a month now and things are still uncertain for not just the United Kingdom but for many other countries around the world. Whilst hard-hit countries such as Italy have slowly began moving back into somewhat of a norm by easing down on some restrictions.

However major sectors such as tourism and travel are already starting to see a toll, making the future far from certain and among those that seem to be hit the hardest is the education sector.

Education contributes billions to Briton`s economy and is without doubt a strong force, the education sector is expected to plunge downwards due to Covid-19, which will certainly have a major impact on many levels. Among those majorly affected are the universities, with many staff already worried for their jobs and many international students halting their enrollment, putting a large percentage off many universities income at risk. International students between 2018-19 accounted for around £7 billion of fees to universities around the UK.

This year’s graduates will also see a major blow in finding jobs after graduating, with those who find work expected to start off with a much lower income than anticipated. This as a result will have an impact on them being able to pay back student loans, and if this uncertainty continues to go on for long it could possibly prolong the time taken for graduates to pay back their student loans.

Whilst many students have been home since school closed on 20th of March, there has been speculations that schools will open their gates by next month. The Sunday Times have reported that “senior ministers” have supported a plan for schools to open, sparking a series of questions among teachers with many denouncing the move.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson however has said that he “wants nothing more than to see schools back, get them back to normal, make sure the children are sat around learning, and experiencing the joy of being at school,” but at this moment of time he couldn’t give a specific date on when that could happen. He also put down speculation on the reopening of schools, stating that schools will only reopen at the right time.

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