Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Coronavirus has definitely been a whirlwind since it hit at full force, this pandemic has affected many countries and even has some countries on its knees in terms of major increases in new cases and deaths. It has already claimed the lives of many and I send all my well wishes to the families of those affected. Whilst we hope that this disease will come to an end soon, it is still unforeseeable, and whilst many of our hands are tied and we can only do us much help as staying at home it is important for people to know that staying at home is a major step to battling this disease. Many businesses have either collapsed or at risk of doing so, and it is undoubtedly certain that that the world economy is going to suffer from the impact of this pandemic, but one other thing that is also certain is that we are going to bounce back from it like we always do!

I have created this blog as a provision of information on all the updates of this pandemic in the economic world and as a place for people to see the light at the end of the tunnel by discussing, posting our points of view. Share,like and use the hashtag #economicpandemic.

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